Graphic Design and Branding

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Graphic Design

We hate to brag – but, here at SSBM, we’re really good at graphic design. When you want clear, concise images that reflect your business, we are the ones to call. Get in touch to talk about logo design, as well as advertisements, brochures and exhibition material. Whatever visual material that you need to represent your business, we can provide.

We will work with you to get a clear idea of how you want us to graphically represent your business and its image. You may be a young and trendy company, all naked bricks and copper, or you may have more of a refined and traditional approach – or you may not be sure yet. Whichever way, design is a partnership between you, the business, and us, the graphic designer.

Company logos

Your company logo is an important communication tool and we take the process very seriously. The design process involves taking time to properly understand your business, industry research and various stages of logo design ideas until you are happy. Company logos are provided to the customer in a variety of formats.

Building a brand

Design is just a small part of branding. Branding is about consistency. Building a brand ensures that the image you want your business to portray is applied on your website, in your printed material, in your social media and advertising and anywhere else you might appear. Branding your business will make sure that people say “Oh yes, I know X Company. They’re the ones with the pink theme who come across as really ethical/cheap/luxury”.

We can work with you to develop a brand strategy to achieve this consistent and structured approach to promoting your business. Get in touch.